Fortnite will debut the latest music video of the Kpop BTS band and two new dance emotes.

Fornite is lighting up her party island for another major musical event. This time, Party Royale — the Fornite outshoot intended for chilling instead of killing — will host the debut of a new music video by Kpop band BTS for their single Dynamite. This Friday, September 25th, you should catch the grooves.

Dynamite already has a music video (and even a second music video?) but this latest iteration will be the "music video choreography iteration" of the Epic Games in their announcement for the event. Presumably, this means more emphasis on group dance steps. Fitting then, the Fortnite will also get two new BTS choreographed emotes.

If you can't wait for that, on Tuesday, there's going to be a Creative Mode world based on the original Dynamite music video where you can play minigames with friends. Spot it up in the header with the old Fortnite fellas standing in front of the disco of the original Dynamite music video.

The Dynamite event will begin on Friday , September 25th at 8 pm EDT / Saturday, September 26th at 1 am BST. If you miss it the first time around, the Epic Games say the event will be rebroadcast 12 hours later. As for the latest emotes, they will be on sale in the Fortnite item shop starting Wednesday at 8 pm EDT / Thursday at 1 am BST.

If you've missed 'em in the past, it's a Fortnite thing to do now. The first formal occurrence of the Royal Party was named Diplo. Before Party Royale was properly introduced, they also held a concert in Fortnite and Marshmello Fortnite at Travis Scott.

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