"Choija ruined all of Sulli's life"... 'Documentary' after storm, Choi Ja SNS bad comments terror


When the life of the late Sulli is illuminated in MBC's'Documentary', criticism is pouring out against Choi Ja, a member of the dynamic duo. This is because Sulli's mother, Kim Soo-jung, opposed her daughter Sulli and Choi-ja's past relationship.

'Docuplex' broadcast on the 10th was'Why was Sulli uncomfortable?' The side was broadcast. Sulli's mother said, "When I was 7 years old, I divorced and had to run on the job front. When I went to an acting academy in Busan, I wanted to spend money to send kindergarten to the academy, and the director liked it so much. "I went to Tokyo."

"After about 6 months, the tuition was almost over, and when I tried to give up because of the high expenses, Sulli shed tears and said,'I want to learn more.' Then, a month later, I was cast in the drama'Seo Dong-yo'." Director Lee Byung-hoon, who directed'Seo Dong-Yo', said, "Sulli was good at acting," and "Dad and bright, and the whole face was gorgeous like a princess."

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