Will BTS's enlistment in the mandatory military service be delayed as a revision of the Military Service Act is under discussion?


BTS (BTS)'s 4th regular album, ‘Map of the Sol: 7’, ranked first on the Billboard main chart, ‘Billboard 200.’ Starting with'Love Your Self All Tier' in June 2018,'Love Your Self Decision Answer' in September 2018, and'Map of the Sole: Persona' in April 2019, ranked first in the Billboard 200. In this way, BTS has set a record in 1 year and 9 months, with 4 albums in a row ranking #1 on the Billboard 200.

Billboard said, "BTS has become a singer who has reached No. 1 on 4 albums on the Billboard 200 in the shortest period since the legendary British band The Beatles." The Beatles' record is the record that all four albums from “Yester Day and Today” in July 1966 to “Magical Mystery Tour” in January 1968, ranked first in the Billboard 200 in one year and five months. It is literally a living legend, only four months apart from the legendary Beatles.

The problem is that BTS' unstoppable move will soon cease. This is because the members' serial enlistment schedule is imminent. In particular, among BTS members, Jin (Kim Seok-jin), the eldest brother, is scheduled to join the military within this year. In the entertainment industry this year, stars born in 1992 are joining the military. FT Island Choi Min-hwan, Winner Lee Seung-hoon, B2B Lim Hyun-sik, Block B Zico, Yoo Kwon, Pentagon Jin-ho, EXO Baekhyun, Chen and other idol singers born in 1992 and actor Yang Se-jong Woo Do-hwan have already enlisted.

Jin, who was born in 1992, is also expected to enlist this year, but no specific schedule has yet been announced. Jin said, “Many people are curious about the enlistment. As you know, nothing has been decided yet. It's the cautious part,” he said. “I think military service is a natural duty. If there is a call from the country, I will always respond.”

The voice of regret is also loud. The suspension of BTS' activities means that their repeated records will also cease. “Army” (BTS fan club) is saddened by the fact that records that will remain in the history of pop music around the world beyond Korea are stopped.

In September 2018, Congressman Ha Tae-kyung joined the political circles as the center. Rep. Ha said on his Facebook page, “The momentum of the announcement of the reconsideration of the Military Manpower Administration's special military service system was BTS. The first place in classical music competitions such as violins is exempted from the military, but it was the start of raising a common-sense question why the world’s No. 1 in popular music like BTS does not receive the exemption.” He added, “If the music is the same, we should not discriminate.” He argued that “pop music that leads the Korean Wave should receive greater benefits in terms of national prestige.”

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