Ottogi Instant Kimchi Pancake Mix

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  • ‘Kimchi’ is a Korean traditional side dish made from salted and fermented vegetables, most commonly napa cabbage and Korean radishes, with a variety of seasonings including chili powder and others.
  • No MSG, 0 Trans Fat, 0 Cholesterol, No hassle of preparation.


  1. In a bowl, place 1 pack of ‘powder mix(white pack)’ with 6.76fl oz.(200ml) of water and mix well.
  2. Add ‘Kimchi sauce(Red pack)’ to the bowl and mix again. *Do NOT mix ‘Kimchi sauce’ until ‘Powder Mix’ is dissolved well.
  3. Heat up a non-stick pan over medium high heat and drizzle cooking oil. Place the mixture of Kimchi Pancake Mix on the pan. Cook it for 2 to 3 minutes until the bottom gets golden brown and crispy.

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