Ottogi Vermont Gold Curry Sauce Mix Mild

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  • Soft Curry harmonizing tropical spices, cheese powder and tomato powder.
  • Soft Curry adopting Vermont‘s recipe using apples and honey.


  1. Cut 5.29oz. (150g) of meat (beef, pork, or chicken), 10.58oz. (300g) of onions, 7.05oz. (200g) of potatoes, and 3.53oz. (100g) of carrots into bite-sized pieces. Then stir-fry them with oil in a skillet.
  2. Move the mixture into a cook-pot and add Approx. 3 cups (700ml) of water. Slow cook until tender.
  3. Put 3.53oz. (100g) of OTTOGI Curry Sauce into the cook-pot slowly and stir with low heat. Pour the prepared sauce on cooked rice and enjoy!
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